Search And Rescue Robot

Search And Rescue Robot

Disaster hit areas, industrial accidents, chemical and nuclear power plant accidents, fire accident areas are difficult to access by the human rescue teams. There is a delay in rescuing and providing treatments to victims.

Technology is of no use if it doesn't serve its purpose for humanity. The solution for reducing the number of deaths during disasters and accidents would be the use of technology to save people. The number of deaths is increasing rapidly due to natural and manmade calamities. As natural calamities, nuclear accidents, chemical accidents are increasing, the number of deaths is also increasing. One of the measures which can be taken to reduce this death rate is deploying our Search and Rescue (SAR) robot during these kinds of disasters. SAR robot with a 4 flipper mechanism that enables the robot to move on uneven terrain effectively and efficiently in all harsh environments with ease. Modularity, mobility, and robustness are the key factors we considered for designing this rescue robot. The mechanical structural design of the robot is unique and has the capability of rescuing victims from the disaster zone to a safer zone. Timely rescue is really important in situations when the victims are alive. One of the strong capabilities of our SAR robot is that it can increase the situational awareness of the relief workers by giving them a better and higher quality view on the nature of the crisis. The advanced sensors on our robot open the possibility to perform damage assessment operations with these unmanned assets, thereby keeping the human operators safe, to provide highly valuable information to human search and rescue workers in the assessment phase, where they need to decide which buildings/structures to enter first

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