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Vaha is an autonomous food delivery robot . It can be used in hotels , hospitals and shopping malls to reduce the operational costs.It has standby time of upto 10 hours .

Delivery robots can perform several tasks in hospitals, hotels, and shopping malls to reduce operational costs. An operator may monitor and take control of the robot remotely in certain situations that the robot cannot resolve by itself, such as when it is stuck in an obstacle. Delivery robots can be used in different settings, such as food delivery, package delivery, hospital delivery, and room service. The first tasks are food, beverages, medical specimens, and medicine deliveries. Vaha is an advanced delivery robot that can be used in restaurants and hospitals. The user can interact with the robot using the Graphical User Interface (GUI). With the help of a 7-inch touch screen, the user can give commands to the robot. There is a home position, where the robot starts the navigation and returns after completing the task. This autonomous robot can be controlled in three modes: delivery, escort, and cruise. In delivery mode, the user must select the destinations (one or multiple) from the GUI. Then the robot will autonomously navigate to the goals; during the navigation, the robot will display the destination details. After reaching the destination with the help of a speaker, the robot announces the stored details (ex: destination reached. Please take your food). Suppose the customer takes the food/medicine/beverage from the tray with the help of ultrasonic sensors. In that case, the robot understands the completion of the delivery and moves to the next destination or home position (saved location). In cruise mode, the robot can navigate autonomously through a path (stored path) that the user selects using the GUI. In escorting mode, the robot will escort the user to their destination chosen using GUI. Vaha can navigate autonomously in the indoor environment with the help of Lidar, Inertial Mass Unit (IMU), and encoder sensor. With the help of an advanced obstacle avoidance algorithm, the robot can navigate without hitting any obstacles in its path. During the navigation, the user can press and the screen (GUI) to stop the robot and, if required, can give the command to go to the home position. Two-drive wheels and four-wheel caster wheels are used in this robot. Brushless DC motors are used as the drive wheels. A mini-PC is the brain of this robot, and a 36V 350W Li-ion battery gives the power for the entire system.

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